Case Study

Lynton Residence


Saunders Brandford worked with the Lyton family to remodel two spaces within their home and to build a two-story addition connected the existing house to a free-standing garage. The kitchen was remodeled to include refurbished, original Hopes windows; the incorporation of a steel and glass wall into the stone exterior; custom, white oak cabinetry; all finished with high end approaches and countertops.

The master suite was reimagined and redesigned as a library and study, featuring built-in bookcases, a concealed murphy bed which blended with the existing wall paneling; a luxurious walk-in marble shower; and a barreled ceiling bathroom.

Additionally, Saunders Bradford created a 2-story extension of the home, including imported, parquet flooring panels, laser-etched diamond stainless tower panels; marble, stainless, and limestone countertops; Fine Paints of Europe high-gloss paint; peacock paver flooring; white oak cabinetry; elevator; and custom-built ins and closet shelving.

Finally, after thoughtfully planning and remodeling the space within the home, Saunders Bradford redesigned the home’s side courtyard with multi-terrace walls with a tall privacy wall, iron trellises, and iron railings. 

Project Details
  • Kitchen remodel key features: refurbished the original Hopes windows, opened up the stone exterior wall to incorporate a large custom made steel glass wall, custom white oak cabinetry, high end appliances and marble countertops.
  • Master suite converted to study key features: built-in bookcases, concealed murphy bed that blends in with the wall paneling, large walk in marble shower, and a barreled ceiling bathroom.
  • Addition key features: imported parquet flooring panels, laser etched diamond stainless tower panels, marble/stainless/limestone countertops, Fine Paints of Europe high gloss paint, peacock paver flooring, white oak cabinetry, elevator, custom built-ins and closet shelving.
  • Side courtyard key features: multi terraced walls with a tall retaining wall to block the neighbors, iron trellises, and iron railings.
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